Post Players and Big Men:

Want to train with the Top Post Man Coach ?

The Coach who wrote the "original" book 
on Post Play?

The Coach who is asked to train big men 
all over the world?

Then now is your chance.

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Coach Battenberg is available for individual or small group training sessions. Big Man development away from the basket, as well as low post play, are specialties of Coach Battenberg. His experience working in other countries adds an International flair to his training methods, which helps in developing the "all around player."

Evaluation and college placement advice are also part of Coach's training package. If you have a post player or are a post player that would like to find out your potential for a college scholarship, contact coach for an "honest" evaluation and help with choosing a good college program.



Player Development
Weight Training
The Daily Four

Player Tips
Bank Shot
Feeding the Post 
Face Up to the Basket 
Offensive Rebounding
High Post Shot Fake, Drive
Off Season Improvement
AAU Tournament
Fall Conditioning
Pump Fake
Posting Up
Best Post Move 

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