Feeding the Post Man
From the book, Power Post Play

When feeding the low post player, the passer has several options he can choose after releasing his pass. The one option he should avoid is "standing still and watching the action." A good shooter can relocate to an open shooting area and a non-shooter can cut to the basket for a return pass. These now become scoring opportunities that stop the opponent from doubling down on the post man and thus, make the offense more efficient.

After a pass is made inside, the passer should take note of the reaction of his defender. Does he turn his head to look at the ball and post man? Which way does he turn? Does he drop to double the post man? Or does he stay with the passer and try to eliminate a return pass? By noting what the opposing defender does, the offensive player can react with a cut to the basket, a relocation to a scoring area, or shout out a warning to the post man if he is getting doubled.

When choosing which direction to cut or relocate, the offensive passer should take note of the direction his defender turns to look at the ball. This determines the direction the offensive man should move - the blind side.

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