When sending out a DVD to be evaluated by a college coaching staff, remember to send a game DVD and NOT a highlight series. Coaches want to evaluate a player's entire game and not just the selected good plays from one game or even one season. Sending in an outstanding individual game is wise and assumed by college coaches.

Remember that getting a questionnaire or letter from a college athletic program does not mean you will necessarily be recruited by them. You are considered a "recruit" when a coach calls and talks to you on the phone. When they "offer" you an opportunity to commit to their program, then you will know they seriously want to sign you to their program.

The best way to get recruited is to be a good player with good grades and play against good competition at an event where college coaches will see you. Blind solicitations with highlight reel tapes is no way to attract the interest of Division 1 college coaches. This method could work for Division 2 or 3 or NAIA though and there are plenty of great opportunities to get an education and play competitive college basketball at those levels. If you are interested in a D2-D3 level program, remember to stick with a "good" game DVD and be prepared to send another upon request.

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"Basketball can sometimes be a game of luck and if you don't have a good post player,
you could be in for some bad luck."  Coach Battenberg