Face Up to the Basket

When a post player has lost his seal or no longer feels an advantage to keeping his back to the basket, he can pivot to face the basket and the defender. From this face up position, the offensive player can use a favorite move to score or find a teammate moving to an advantageous position on the court.

The face up is usually a front pivot to the middle of the court, but it can be a reverse pivot or even a front pivot to the baseline. As long as the offensive man is facing the basket and his defender, he is ready to go one-on-one from close range.

A pump fake (or shot fake) is a good maneuver from the face up position. Getting the defender to commit or lean slightly will give the offensive man a chance to step by, use one dribble, and move in for a power shot.

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"Basketball can sometimes be a game of luck and if you don't have a good post player,
you could be in for some bad luck."  Coach Battenberg