Posting Up
From the book, POWER POST PLAY

Elbows out, finger tips to the sky is a position I often refer to as goal posts , due to the similar look it has to a football goal post. If the defense is playing to one side or the other of the post player, the goal post is then tilted a little as the offensive player raises the off-side hand just a little higher. Stretching one arm up and away from the defense is a signal to the player with the ball that the post is sealing his opponent away from the passing lane. Both hands must be in the up position so that the offensive post man can more easily catch any pass delivered in his direction. One hand serves as the target to the passing lane while the other arm is used to create space between the post and his defense.


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"Basketball can sometimes be a game of luck and if you don't have a good post player,
you could be in for some bad luck."  Coach Battenberg