From the book, Power Post Play

Besides feeding teammates and shooting, the high post man has the opportunity to drive to the basket. The purpose of a drive is to position the ball in an area more favorable for the high percentage shot attempt that low post players desire. Unless a pass to another teammate going to the basket is available, the high post player should not ignore a chance to get himself closer to the basket.

A quick first step is important to high post men who want to drive. This allows the offensive man to elude his defender and score before help arrives. A shot fake will greatly increase the offensive player’s chances of getting by his defender. While staying low, with his knees flexed and ready to spring, the player should lift the ball to his forehead area. This move is usually enough to convince the defender that the player is about to shoot a jump shot. If the fake catches the defender leaning or gets him in the air, the offensive man should step by him with a big first step while the ball is brought down and prepared for a dribble. The driver should get low on the move, both for balance and maneuverability. The offensive player must make sure he puts the ball on the floor before lifting his pivot (back) foot from the floor, or a traveling violation will occur. This is often easier said than done. With the traffic and contact so prevalent in the lane area, correct footwork can be a real challenge. Again, “practice makes perfect” and post players will need to “work often and hard” on their footwork to be successful. (See Photo Series below.)

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"Basketball can sometimes be a game of luck and if you don't have a good post player,
you could be in for some bad luck."  Coach Battenberg