Coach Battenberg does coaching clinics and consulting in the USA and around the world. Recent appearances in Australia, Germany and England were met with much enthusiasm. The subjects of Team Fast Breaking, Pressure Defense, and Developing the Post Player have been favorite topics of these countries.

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Coach's Thoughts

I look forward to working with coaches and players both locally, nationally, and internationally. I have been blessed with many coaching friends through the years who helped me tremendously with my coaching philosophy. Now it is time for me to give back to the next generations, what was so generously given to me.

Basketball is truly a World-Wide game and one that is fun to play, watch and coach. I want to continue teaching, learning and promoting basketball as long as I can.

Coaching Tips

Post Man Tip
Zone Attack
Developing All-Around Players
Using a Young Post Player

Coach Battenberg is the author of the original book on Post Play, called The Complete Book of Basketball Post Play , published in 1978 . He continues to speak at clinics and conduct camps all over the United States, Australia, Japan and Europe. His latest book, Power Post Play, was released in 2007.