Attention Coaches

Coach Battenberg is your Top Choice for Post Man
and Big Man Development. Battenberg has been training Big Men at camps for over 30 years, including recent visits to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and England. He has authored two books on Post Play, including the original book on the subject, The Complete Book of Basketball Post Play.  Whether you want Low Post Skills or Big Man Perimeter Skills,Coach Battenberg is your #1 choice for developing tall players.

Camps - National and International

Camps, Junior Camps and Academies can be arranged anywhere in the USA
or Internationally. A reasonable travel
fee is all that is required to have Coach Battenberg come to your area and work with your players and/or coaches.
Contact him today and be on your way
to better play.


Another opportunity for players and coaches is the Mini-Camp involving a smaller number of players from one school or program. These camps can vary in number of players and age-level of the players, as requested by the host coach. Reasonable rates are negotiable according to the number of participates and the number of hours desired.

Coach Battenberg is available to put on camps at your gym or activity center at anytime of the year.
Besides Post Development,he will also do: Point Guard Training, Shooting Camps, Essential Skills Development, Team Fast Break or whatever you desire.