Coach Battenberg

Introduction to Offensive Transition

Fast Break Basketball is exciting for players as well as the fans.  There are more opportunities to score, make assists, and gather rebounds when the pace of the game is a faster.  Coaches like the possibility of quickly coming from behind, or the potential of building a big lead that comes with an up-tempo style of play.  There are certainly risks as well as rewards to fast break basketball.  This instructional DVD will help you control the risks so that the rewards will give your team an advantage.

Offensive Transition is the term used to define the time your team first obtains possession of the ball until it relinquishes possession, hopefully ending up with a score.  We will look at each part of Offensive Transition as a separate component, and study its affect on the whole fast break attack.  To start the break, you first must secure possession of the ball.  We will look at defense and defensive rebounding and the effect each has on a successful running attack.  The Primary and Secondary Breaks are discussed as ways to obtain inside scoring with simple, readable options.  Pressing Defenses will no longer be a major problem for running teams as we look at a simplified Press Offense attack.  And Late Offense is explored as the final piece to the puzzle of why a Fast Break System can be a “Winner” for you.

Read over the information, check out the moving diagrams, and then watch the videos of game action and practice drills to see how this all fits together.  You will soon be ready to lead your team into a powerful Offensive Transition machine that will strike fear in any opponent. 

Coach Terry Battenberg